World Introdiction

The Known World


An icy land and home to the fierce and savage race or creatures called the “Gords”. The Gords only live in the southern reaches of their homeland. Most of their ‘country’ consists of vast unpopulated icy wastelands, surrounded by the icy seas which are just as dangerous as the icy wastes themselves


South of Gordos, lies a stretch of land hemmed in-between the mountains and the sea, Wynelia. This savage land is where world collide where human and Gord fight for dominance and survival. It is a land of pirates, warlords and savage monsters.


Off the coast of Wynelia, lies the island of Cumbria. Shrouded in clouds and covered by thick forests, Cumbria is a land of mystery, even to the few civilized folk that cling to its rocky shores


South of Wynelia, the land pushes out form the mountains and carves into the sea. Kaldia is a land healing after years of dominance of foreign invaders and longs for past glories. It is a land that still has demons hiding in its dark corners, ready and willing to rip asunder Kaldia, and the world. It is in this land of contrasts that the great human kingdom of Kaldia exists, as a beckon of light and justice to the world around them.

Kaldia is also a land with holes within its borders. With the confines of the human kingdom of Kaldia, lie the last two great Cyndaric forests. Closed off and xenophobic, these elven homelands are a world apart from the human kingdom that surrounds them. They are a place of quiet contemplation where the elves struggle with past misdeeds and future paths.


South of Kaldia lays the island archipelago known as Tabos. Tabos is a collection of islands and city states that is the heart of the civilized world. In Tabos, all races come and are as one in the quest for perfection. From the gleaming towers of wizardry to the gladiatorial rings, all is possible and all can be found within Tabos.

Georgian Kingdoms

Caught between the mountains, the desert, Tabos, and Kaldia, lays the war torn region of Georgia. A battle ground between the two powers of the region (Kaldia and Tabos), the Georgian region is a land of savage warlords. It is a region where people travel quickly between the fortified towns, for fear of brigands, pirates, and wild monsters that roam the lands

World Introdiction

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